Quit Smoking Tips after Meals

Quit Smoking Tips after Meals

Maybe it’s not your case, but there are lots of people (myself included) that feel the need to smoke a cigarette after meals, we urge to smoke and sometimes we can’t control ourselves, in this post I’m going to talk about some tips to help you to quit smoking after meals.
Stop smoking

Tell your friends or family about your decision

If you decide to stop smoking, tell your family and close friends, they’ll give their support and they’re going to help you. When you’re having a meal with them they’ll not let you take your cigarettes.

If you’re having a meal at home

It’s always good to do some activity to distract our minds, after leaving the table… you can simply go to wash the dishes.

If you are in a restaurant

The easiest way to stop smoking after meals is to choose a non-smoking area in restaurant or a club.

If you're surrounded by people who smokes (family and friend´s house)

Try to stay away from temptation, if you’re with friends or family who smokes near you, ask them not to smoke or tell them to smoke in an open place… Even better … You can take a breath of fresh air in the garden… but don’t cheat … don’t fool yourself.

Replace your cigarettes

When you feel the need to smoke, you can have an alternative replacement (sugarless gum). Also you can put a straw in your mouth, replacing that smoking act feeling. 
non smoking restaurant


Quitting smoking is a personal decision, my person or another may give you many tips to help you stop smoking… We need to have a little thing called Willpower… You can fail many times but don’t worry you’re not alone… Believe in yourself!

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